Welcome to 2020 Helmsmen Camp!

Registration Closes on July 1! Register today to save your spot!

Speech Camp will be held online from July 6th- July 8th.

Debate Camp will be held online from July 13th- July 16th.

A Debate Camp tournament will be held online on July 17th.

• Student Tuition for Speech Camp (3 days): $50
• Student Tuition for Speech Camp (Deluxe Package): $80 total ($50 for camp tuition, $30 for the online coaching)
• Student Tuition for Debate Camp (4 days): $90
• Debate Tournament cost (1 day): $15
• Parent Tuition for Speech Camp (3 days): $25
• Parent Tuition for Debate Camp (4 days): $45

Refund Deadline- 7/1.
We offer four tracks at our camp to provide the best experience for you and your debater.
The Learner’s Track is perfect for new speakers and debaters who are unfamiliar with speech and debate as a whole. They will receive training that helps them to have an understanding of limited prep, platform and interpretive speaking events, as well as to develop their critical thinking skills, overcome obstacles, and develop a solid understanding of the structure of debate.
The Intermediate Track is perfect for competitors with some experience in speech and debate, but who are still mastering their speaking and argumentation skills. They will receive training that helps them build upon their strengths, develop their argumentation style and technique, and gain a topic specific education to help them grow and succeed.
The Advanced Track is perfect for advanced competitors who have seen success, but want to continue sharpening and improving their skills. While they will still review fundamentals and receive topic specific education, they will also be uniquely challenged to become better equipped and unencumbered by ineffective methods, ready to approach the next competitive season as the best speakers and debaters they can be.
The Parent/Coach Track is perfect for parents and coaches who are interested in receiving topic specific education and training for coaching. Parents learn how to encourage, edify, and ultimately challenge their students to grow into a virtuous and accomplished speaker and/or debater. The parent track includes a combination of blended lectures with students and unique lectures just for parents. We look forward to working with you!

Online Format

This year, Helmsmen Camp will be online. Check out our educational philosophy page to read how we're ensuring that your experience is the best it can be.
Please contact us at helmsmen.institute@gmail.com with any questions.